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Robert Hagstrom of Legg Mason Books: The Nascar Way Warren Buffet Portfolio  Latticework   Investment Mandate: follow the cash flow the cash flow with the highest return on capital is better apply sound valuation methodology to growth companies not averse to applying value investment valuation methodology to new innovative, rapid growth companies; i.e. cloud computing these companies are characterized… Continue reading →

Robert Hagstrom on the Art of Value Investing   Patience: discipline required to wait for significant growth long-term investments should confined to one specific portfolio special operations should be compartmentalized as well   Rationality: achieving one’s goals by the best practice available apply the best methodology for compounding equity   Temperament: Discipline Patience Rationality

Exclusive Interview with VNB Wealth Management: Catalyst-driven Value Investing Investment Mandate VNB Wealth offers a fee structure for separately managed accounts that includes a fixed fee plus incentive fee, typically 0.75% and 20% of the profits, respectively, so we are intensely focused on trying to avoid losses, particularly those that are permanent. We operate under the mantra of “putting capital to its highest… Continue reading →

Guy Spier of Aquamarine Capital Management Analysis on Eurozone crisis vs US crisis: Both have strong central banks that have highly effective levers to mitigate systemic risk. The extensive printing of currency in both economies can potentially devalue the U.S. dollar and the Euro respectively. It will be up to these same central banks to hold off inflation.   Inflation protection:… Continue reading →

Chuck Akre of Akre Capital Management Chuck Akre focuses on companies with the following characteristics: Excellent management with a strong track record Durable competitive advantage Long term growth and reinvestment opportunities Attractive purchase prices   Compounding Machines: The compounded return rate of your portfolio represents the long range ROE of your invested capital across all the portfolio businesses. The goal… Continue reading →

Todd Sullivan on Creating Shareholder Value Through Buybacks Three ways to create value: Organic growth Acquisitions Share buybacks   Share buybacks Buyback strategy should focus on making a meaningful reduction in share count Look for managers that are consistently reducing the share count As a general rule of thumb, buybacks should be executed when the stock price is below book.  Dividends can… Continue reading →

Paul Lountzis on Value Investing Apply the principles in “The Intelligent Investor” in a broad manner Refine your ability to assess and manage risk quantitatively Make big investments in relationships; make people skills a priority People are the essence of the qualitative value   Identify what is knowable and important in a business What is unique about a business? What… Continue reading →