Todd Sullivan on Creating Shareholder Value Through Buybacks Three ways to create value: Organic growth Acquisitions Share buybacks   Share buybacks Buyback strategy should focus on making a meaningful reduction in share count Look for managers that are consistently reducing the share count As a general rule of thumb, buybacks should be executed when the stock price is below book.  Dividends can… Continue reading →

Paul Lountzis on Value Investing Apply the principles in “The Intelligent Investor” in a broad manner Refine your ability to assess and manage risk quantitatively Make big investments in relationships; make people skills a priority People are the essence of the qualitative value   Identify what is knowable and important in a business What is unique about a business? What… Continue reading →

Initiating Coverage – Xplore Technologies (XPLOR)

We are currently engaged in research & analysis, but there is strong potential that we will begin purchasing shares this quarter.  Corporate summary: Xplore Technologies Corp., maker of the most rugged tablets on Earth, has been in the business of developing, integrating, and marketing industrial grade rugged tablets for our customers in the Energy, Utilities, Manufacturing and Distribution, Public Safety,… Continue reading →

Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits – Point Nine

Does the company have depth to its management? Company policy should promote delegation of authority. Top brass should never personally interfere with and try to handle routine day-to-day operating matters; this impairs the development of capable individuals who might otherwise rise through the ranks. A good company encourages feedback and suggestions from personnel even if… Continue reading →